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College of Commissioner Science
The last date for registration has passed.

Description: College of Commissioner Science
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Registration Begins: 9/12/2012
Last Day to Register: 10/17/2012
Contact E-mail: brittany.harrison@scouting.org
Cost: $25.00 per Participant
$25.00 per Staff
$25.00 per Teacher
Building Stronger Units
Dan Beard Council
College of Commissioner Science 2012
Saturday, October 20, 2012
8 AM – 5 PM
"Every Commissioner from Every District"
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.
1876 Waycross Road
Cincinnati, Ohio
Tuition $25
Lunch will be provided
Deadline to Register:  
Monday, October 17, 2012
Registration is required for all attendees and staff.

The purpose of the College of Commissioner Science is to provide supplemental training for all functions in the council and district related to commissioner service. It is recognized that commissioners are key to the continued health and growth of the units in the council. The College of Commissioner Science will provide the supplemental training to aid the commissioners in providing outstanding unit service.  
Courses offered address National, Regional, and Area programs of emphasis, local council concerns, and pertinent topics.

Registration Information

Select as many as Six (6) sessions throughout the day that you wish to attend. Please refer to the Degree Requirements to make sure you have everything you need to register and verify the degree you are working on.

All attendees will participate in the Opening Session with our Keynote Speaker. Session 3 will be a Panel Discussion.

To register: click "register" at the bottom of the page. Enter all of the information that is requested. Once registration is complete, you will be directed to the payment screen. You must pay online during registration. If you do not submit payment, the information you entered will not be saved.

Please BE PREPARED to provide the following information when registering: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, Email Address, BSA Member ID Number, Council, & District.

You will also be asked to provide the dates of the following trainings & awards that you have completed/earned, if applicable: Commissioner Basic, Bachelor Degree, Arrowhead Award, Masters Degree, Commissioners Key, and Doctors Degree.


Questions? Contact
Scott Douglass Dean 513-518-7554

Check-In and Schedule Verification: 8:00AM
Opening Session: 8:30 AM Keynote
Class Session 1: 9:00 until 9:50 AM
Class Session 2: 10:00 until 10:50 AM
Class Session 3: 11:00 AM Panel Discussion
Lunch: 12:00 (Provided; please notify us of any special needs.)
Class Session 4: 12:45 until 1:35 PM
Class Session 5: 1:45 until 2:35 PM
Class Session 6: 2:45 until 3:35 PM
Class Session 7: 3:45 until 4:35 PM
Graduation and Closing: 4:45 PM
Please choose your class schedule from the list below. Keep in mind the degree requirements.
  Bachelor Program Bachelor Program Masters Program Masters Program Doctoral Program
Check In and Verification of Schedule 8:00am Meeting Room C Meeting Room D Meeting Room A Meeting Room B CTC Room
Opening 8:30 am  Keynote "Membership and Commissioners Equals Retention!"
Session 1 9:00 am BCS103 - The Commissioner and The District   MCS303 - Commissioner Lifesaving I MCS304 - Commissioner Lifesaving II DCS501 - Selecting a Thesis Topic * required
Session 2 10:00 am BCS102 - Unit Charter Renewal   MCS306 - Counseling Skills MCS308 - Venturing & The Commissioner DCS502 - Limiting the Scope of Topics
Session 3 11:00am "Building Stronger Units" Panel Discussion All Participants in Cafeteria
Lunch 12:00 pm  Lunch and Presentation on Commissioner Website
Session 4 12:45 pm BCS 114 - Good Commissioner and Professional Relationships BCS-124 - Venture Crew Visitation MCS311 - All About ADC's MCS312- Recruiting New Commissioners DCS508 Administering Life Support
Session 5 1:45 pm BCS105 - Practical Solutions to Common Unit Needs BCS-110 - Webelos to Scout Transition MCS315 - Effective Unit Service in Low Income Urban Communities MCS316 - Unit Service in Remote Rural Areas ADC International Scouting
Session 6 2:45 pm BCS104 - Unit Visitation   MCS317 - How to Remove a Volunteer   DCS503 - Developing Thesis Outline 
Session 7 3:45 pm BCS116 Using Unit Self Assessment Tools   MCS324 - Preventing Commissioner Burnout MCS702 Commissioner  Recruiting DCS504 - Thesis/Project Workshop
Closing 4:45 pm All Participants in the Cafeteria
For a complete description of the courses please see the list in Your Administration of Commissioner Manual. You can download the latest version from here. http://scouting.org/scoutsource/Commissioners/Manuals.aspx.
Please bring your Commissioner Administration Manual and Fieldbook with you. There will be minimum handouts.

Degree Requirements
General requirements for all degree work include current registration as a commissioner, completion of Commissioner Orientation, Commissioner Basic Training, and Youth Protection Guidelines Training. Requirements for the non-accredited degrees and certificate in College of Commissioner Science are as follows:
Associate Degree: Awarded to all non-degreed students upon completion of four (4) class sessions of training (while as a student or instructor).
Bachelor Degree: Awarded upon completion of seven (7) class sessions of training not spanning more than two (2) consecutive years (while as a student or instructor).
Masters Degree: Awarded upon completion of seven (7) class sessions after obtaining a Bachelor Degree, not spanning more than two (2) consecutive years (while as a student or instructor), earned the Arrowhead Honor.
Doctorate Degree: Awarded upon completion of at least ten (10) class sessions after obtaining a Masters Degree (either as a student or instructor), for a total of 24 class sessions. Other requirements include completion of the Doctoral Thesis or project as prescribed in the offered courses, and previously been awarded the Commissioner’s Key and served on the staff of the College of Commissioner Science for at least one year. The thesis or project must be approved in advance by the Doctoral Committee.
NOTE: There are requirements in addition to course attendance. Degrees will not be awarded until all requirements are verified. In order for degrees to be awarded on the day of the college we will need all of the required documentation of prerequisites submitted in advance of the college. Please check the prerequisites (located in the Administration of Commissioner Service Manual) and submit them to our Dean of Academic Affairs, Rick Hayden (rhayden@shelterinsurance.com). The students may bring the documents with them on the day of the college, but we can't guarantee that the registrar will have enough time to enter it in the student's records. Photo copies of the documentation (BSA certificates, transcripts, degree certificates, etc.) are sufficient.

Upcoming College Prerequisite Training
You must Complete Basic Training for your position prior to The College.
District Commissioner & ADC Basic Training Thursday, October 11, 2012
Unit Commissioner Basic Training Thursday, September 13 2012
Both Sessions will be at 6:30pm at the Scout Service Center


Activity Location: Map:  1876 Waycross Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240, US
Cancellation Policy: COUNCIL REFUND POLICY: Individuals or groups that cancel a program reservation 30 days prior to the date of the event, will receive a refund of fees paid, less 15% administrative charge. No refunds will be made after the 30-day cancellation deadline.
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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Dan Beard Council

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